Ghost Girls

Kristin Mente (DE)

Premiere | A dance theatre production by Kristin Mente - inspired by true events

Theater Tanz

Inspired by true events, the dance theatre production “Ghost Girls” deals with the story of the Radium Girls, which began about 100 years ago in the USA. The chemical element radium, which had not been known for very long at that time, was in great demand and was even considered to be beneficial to health. The Radium Girls worked without any protection with a radium-containing paint, with unimagined possible health consequences.

In Kristin Mente’s debut work, contemporary dance in combination with rap, loop music and the story of the Radium Girls is used as a basis to question the way today’s society deals with novelties on the market, occupational safety measures and occupational diseases.

+ Audience discussion

Saturday, 17.07. Audience discussion with Kristin Mente and the HELLERAU programme management afterwards