Workshop: Non-violent communication with Olena Bushevska

Nebenan Residenz Kulturgarten Workshop 2022/23

The actress Olena Bushevska shares practices of the non-violent communication in the form of ritual, play and improvisation.

Duration: about 1 h

Language: English, Ukrainian


Актриса Олена Бушевська ділиться практиками ненасильницького спілкування у формі ритуалу, гри та імпровізації.

Тривалість: бл. 1 год.

Мова: Англійська, українська


Olena Bushevska is a professional actress from Ukraine. She studied at the Kyiv National University of Theatre, Cinema and Television named after Ivan Karpenko-Karyi (2006-2011, specialization: Acting). Since 2010 she is working at Kyiv Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy on the left bank of the river Dnipro.

She was twice nominated for the «Kyiv pectoral» theater award. Her biggest role was the role of Gitel in the duet play «Two on the Swing» (author: W. Gibson).
Moreover, Olena is a cinema actress and had about 10 roles in movies. Olena is extremely hard-working and beside performing she teaches acting (she worked in the Kyiv Circus Academy by Leonid Utesov and the Cinema school by Oleksandr Onyfriev)