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Garden party on Himmelfahrt

14:00 - 23:00 | Workshops with Xiao Ke + Zi Han and
Simon Mayer | 21:00 o'clock concert in the Kulturgarten with
Simon Mayer & Band et al.

Workshop Musik

Come on in! On Ascension Day, a great festival is held in the Cultural Garden. Xiao Ke and Zi Han invite you to dance and watch. The Austrian performer and dancer Simon Mayer gives a workshop. The artists* of Paradyze Me take the visitors* to paradise. Here, delicious food and drinks are served by Max the pizza baker, among others. In the paint workshop, printing is done and in the oasis they play and linger. In the evening, when it gets darker, Simon Mayer enters the garden stage. Here they dance and make music – there they bake billet cake at the campfire. What a festival!