Folk Fiction

Sebastian Weber Dance Company

Duration: approx. 1 h | Fri 03.12. Audience discussion afterwards


We, the people.
We, the many.
We, the yellow waistcoats, the Saxons, the football fans, the theatre lovers.

From the family to the nation, from the church congregation to the political movement: Collective identities shape who we are, how we think and feel.
It seems irrelevant what actual characteristics make up the community. What is crucial for collective identity are the values that are assumed to exist and are recognised to the same extent by all members of the community.

With “Folk Fiction”, the Sebastian Weber Dance Company creates its own vision of a collective identity and makes it real in an imaginary folklore – at the same time refined and archaic, cheeky and solemn, with pomp and poetry and all the power of a conspiring community. Freely invented but radically effective, the piece finds its answers in the hybrid, the irritating, the constantly moving.

+ Thu 02.12. Dance workshop for teachers
+ Sat 04.12. Dance workshop for everyone
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