Feature Ring

with Alwin Weber

Feature Ring Musik 2022/23

Kids, it’s electric toy day in HELLERAU! Alwin Weber is a virtuoso artist at the soldering iron. For 12 years he has been giving various workshops on D.I.Y. electronics or CircuitBending and modifying electronic toys and instruments. What comes out of these “NoiseToys” are at the very beginning rather “happy little accidents” in the sense of Bob Ross, but noise becomes music, music becomes performance. In his solo project, Alwin Weber opens his toy box and assembles abstract sound collages from modified toys, synthesizers and field recordings in front of everyone’s ears. Improvised and thus a real one-off. Well then – let’s play!


Exhibition of the illustrator Jill Senft

For the current brochure in the Feature Ring series, Jill Senft illustrated all the artists who will be on stage in 2023 with Demian Kappenstein, Eren Solak and  Felix-Otto Jacobi will be on stage at the Festspielhaus. During the concerts, you can marvel at these and other works by her in the Staircase Eye West.


Jill Senft is a Berlin-based artist/illustrator. 

After completing her Master’s and Meisterschüler studies at the University of the Arts, she freelances for clients such as Bloomberg’s Businessweek, Büchergilde, the New York Times, Greenpeace and numerous others. Her painterly, colorful works always engage with reality in an absurd way.  

Anyone who occasionally strolls around newsstands is likely to have encountered her illustrations. Jill Senft works for major German newspapers and magazines (Arte Magazin, brand eins, Cicero, Vogue, Zeit and others). In the meantime, her pink wobbly people are almost cult for Instagram almost a cult.


Instagram @jill_senft

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