Feature Ring

with Liv Solveig

Feature Ring Musik 2022/23

“It’s an ode to delay,” says Liv Solveig about her album “Slow Travels.” We go along on the journey and discover lyrical sounds, misty melodies, symphonic tones, big orchestras. It travels well with Liv, the German-Norwegian singer-songwriter. Her “Scandinavian Symphonic Indie” leaves us standing by the Norwegian fjord for a moment before it’s back to the big city nightlife for the ears. An idiosyncratic beauty, uniquely shaped by the multi-instrumentalist: on stage she is a whole orchestra on her own, giving voice to each instrument. Her talent has already inspired Alin Coen, Get Well Soon and Die Höchste Eisenbahn. “Can I reserve a place in your heart?” she sings in “How far.” Have you already, Liv, have you already …