Feature Ring with Ron Spielman

2023/24 Feature Ring Konzert Musik Auswärts
Photo: Dovile Sermokas

Ron got his hands on a guitar for the first time when he was 14. The rest is 20 years of music history. Soul, jazz, pop, rock and blues, to be completely imprecise. Urban Adult Independent Rock is some of the article written about him. A legitimate term for music that is always a few millimeters off the beaten track. Perhaps because of these millimetres, the Berlin-based German-American is still one of the great unknowns of the German music scene. Ron’s music sounds wonderfully mature, without unnecessary ballast. And yet – unleashed amazement lies between the fingerings and strings. Listeners can feel the original power of him and his fingers, which bounce so easily across the fretboard. Play up, Spielman!

Ron Spielman has been traveling the music world for 20 years. As an explorer along the boundaries of singer/songwriter, blues, jazz, fusion, rock, pop and folk, he remains edgy despite his catchy melodies, always walking the fine line between accessibility and depth. He has already released a dozen albums under his own name, always accompanied by rave reviews from the specialist press. Musicians whisper his name in awe, praising his qualities as a songwriter and his extraordinary guitar skills.

ronspielman.de @ron_spielman