Extracts of Acid

Pinkmetalpetal Productions

time & s_pace Performance 2022/23
Foto: Vira Dumke

Acid is a synonym for the psychedelic drug LSD and describes music and political genres. Do these different genres that place acid in their name share some similarities? ‘Extracts of Acid’ is a work that’s perspective is that the world is a place that can be transformed. How does this change take place? What is the type of conditions that evoke the will to change or search for change? In this work, the main focus will be to consider these questions and explore acid in dance.

In this intervention, Charles A. Washington will explore different characters from different times. Sometimes, he harmonizes with his surroundings; other times, he seems like a time-travelling visitor, creating an impossible, absurd situation. How can we imagine the unknown?

‘Extracts of Acid’ has been reimagined to be an intervention. Originally it is a full-length performance solo.

Duration: ca. 30 Min.



Pinkmetalpetal Productions was established in 2016 by Charles A. Washington. He named his project-based dance company after his email address. Pinkmetalpetal productions employs and collaborates with different artists to realise Charles A. Washington’s concepts. At present, his main artistic focus is to find tools to teach and experience expressions evoked in trying to imagine and create spaces that explore the impossible, the uncertain and the eerie.