Emotion 2.0

Ina Riedel & Anna Giesbrecht with the Grundschule Süd Bischofswerda, Mosaika e.V. and Stadt Bischofswerda

2023/24 Young Stage Premiere Familie Tanz Theater

In the dance performance “Emotion 2.0”, which incorporates acrobatics and narrative texts, 22 children embark on a journey together from their familiar habitat into the unknown. Initially living in their ideal world, this is soon shaken: The unknown upsets the familiar order. They encounter uncertainty, anger, but also joy. How they then manage to build a new world can be experienced in a colorful finale.

Participants: Dance and acrobatics groups from Mosaika e.V. and Grundschule Süd Bischofswerda aged between 6 and 13 
Duration: ca. 50 min.