Eko Supriyanto

IBUIBU BELU: Bodies of Borders

Erbstücke Performance 2022/23

How can bodies overcome borders? This question is at the center of “IBUIBU BELU: Bodies of Borders”. The dance performance by Indonesian star choreographer Eko Supriyanto is located in the border district of Belu on the island of Timor, which was the scene of centuries of colonization and wars and is now divided.

Supriyanto and his team spent two years researching Belu to study Likurai, a dance with a long tradition in both the Indonesian part and East Timor. “IBUIBU BELU” brings the Likurai into today. The memories inscribed in it take shape in the bodies of the dancers and demand an examination of the borders they once crossed.

On 20.05. there will be an audience discussion afterwards.

Duration: 1 h

Choreographer: Eko Supriyanto

Dramaturg: Renee Sariwulan

Music Director: Dimawan Krisnowo Adji

Lighting design: Jan Maertens

Creative Presence: Arco Renz

Producer: Sadiah Boonstra

Project Manager: Isa Natadiningrat

Rehearsal Assistant: Riyo Tulus Pernando

Costume designer: Vivi Ng, Erika Dian

Production: EkosDance Company