Dienstagssalon mit Max Rademann & Wannanelly

Musik 2021/22
Foto: Johanna Weilert

For a few years now, Wannanelly has been making the open mics and backyard shows in and around Dresden unsafe. She sings her way into the hearts of her audience with her informal manner.  With her warm and energetic voice, she turns concert halls into lively acoustic landscapes. She tells of love and family, of happiness and suffering and of finding one’s identity in the 21st century. Even as a small child, the German-Dominican was surrounded by music through her mother and there is nothing she is not interested in. With an authentic down-to-earthness, the artist sets herself apart from others. She herself is curious about what will happen in her musical career.

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Infos about Talkmaster Max Rademann

Language: German

Duration: approx. 2 hrs., one break