Dienstagssalon with Max Rademann

and artists from “Songs of Wounding”


Preview and talk
Outernational “Songs of Wounding

For the Outernational project “Songs of Wounding”, the singer Mariana Sadovska and the composer Max Andrzejewski dedicate themselves to old Ukrainian songs that Sadovska has collected over decades in her archives. They tell of grief, pain and wounds – not without also revealing hope through their polyphonies. On 2 December, the project will celebrate its premiere with new compositions and further approaches to the material at Berlin’s radialsystem. On 2 November, the two will present the first motifs from their union together with double bassist James Banner and talk about the process of rapprochement with the city’s best talk show host, Max Rademann.

  • Mariana Sadovska, vocals
  • Max Andrzejewski, composition and drums
  • James Banner, double bass
  • Elisa Erkelenz, curation