Dienstagssalon with Max Rademann and Searching for Home

Dienstagssalon Musik 2022/23

Only the best from jazz, indie pop, electronics, improvisation and new music! Talk show host Max Rademann regularly invites both well-known and unknown musicians to the Tuesday Salon to present them to the audience in a relaxed atmosphere, musically and in casual conversation.

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Searching for Home stands for excitement, diversity and the breaking down of genre boundaries. Founded in 2016, the band collective unites 11 exceptional musicians from all over Germany who got to know each other in the context of top-class Saxon projects such as the Jugendjazzorchester Sachsen, the Dresden Bigband or the Large Ensemble “Three Atmospheres”. The young band members have already had the opportunity to work with major industry figures such as Samuel Rösch (“The Voice of Germany 2018”), Max Mutzke (Eurovision Song Contest 2004) or Clemens C. Pötzsch and are active as music students (including HMdK Stuttgart, HMT Leipzig, HfM Dresden, JiB Berlin) or producers (Blut Audio, Bauer Studios). 

With “Hidden Errors”, the collective brings its second album fresh from the legendary Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg to the festivals and clubs of Germany. In addition to jazz, funk and soul, this time the band has also added influences from African folklore, trap beats or sounds from the Middle East to their poppy songs. The 11 new songs are bursting with energy and joy of playing and seem more tidy, structured and multi-faceted than earlier pieces. Minimalist songs meet bombastic parts, in which the whole band including a three-piece brass section can be heard. Central elements remain strong vocal and instrumental melodies, pulsating grooves and refreshing solos. 

Since the debut album “Let Yourself Break” (2019), the band has played over 50 concerts throughout Germany, collaborated with domestic and foreign artists* such as Vincent Meißner (Leipzig) or Rosie Frater-Taylor (London) and realised a live session production. 

Searching for Home will finally go on tour in Germany again in 2023 and will present “Hidden Errors” to their fans. 

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Listen in

Duration: 2 h 30 min, one break

Lina Ida Wutzler – Vocals 

Ludwig Barth / Johannes Kellig – Bass 

Hakim Azmi – Keyboards 

Jeremias Wagler-Wernecke / Kilian Srowik – Guitar 

Florian Anger – Drums 

Samuel Joseph – Percussion 

Hannes Weidauer – Trumpet 

Markus Rethberg – Saxophone 

Johann Giesecke – Trombone