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Dienstagssalon mit Max Rademann, Zu Gast: Sax Royal – Die Dresdner Lesebühne

mit Michael Bittner, Roman Israel und Stefan Seyfarth


Anyone who has always wanted to know whether Roman Israel is secretly practicing accordion, or whether – which would be to be expected – his reading stage colleague Michael Bittner has been working secretly and in the quiet closet on his first oratorio for years, should mark this date in red pencil in the calendar. The Reading Stage Sax Royal leaves its home port, Dresden’s Neustadt, and ventures up the hill to Hellerau to devote itself entirely to the theme of music. This is going to be very exciting, because while Royalist Stefan Seyfahrt even started out as a rap poet and has long since been recorded in the Dresden annals as Johnny Cash von Strehlen, it remains to be seen to what extent the two above-mentioned writers are real music fans.

There is a fourth in the bunch – and now it’s getting totally crazy – because this one is also by chance the permanent host at the Tuesday Salon in Hellerau. Finally he invites his colleagues to a creative music workshop at the Festspielhaus Hellerau. That was long overdue. Will Max Rademann accompany his author friends at the piano, even form a band with them, will anyone sing at all? In any case, the two fine arts, music and literature, will fervently embrace each other. Not least because of the star guest of the evening, Falk Töpfer. Together with the host as a show band, the alround genius will give the evening that certain something.