Der Garten | Сад

zh v yu

German premiere | without language | Audience discussion following on 24.01. | Workshop with artists* from zh v yu on 25.01.


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An empty room. Potted plants. Between these plants women move in strange poses. They crawl through the “garden” on all fours and shake their hips and buttocks. These erotic movements, a kind of fertility dance, seem funny and at the same time spooky. Here, “female” dances no longer serve to seduce the audience, but act as a mechanism of transgression and emancipation of the performers, but also of the plants. With the help of ridiculous leggings, they merge into Siamese twins, set coloured rubber gloves in motion and, together with the plants, spray the life forces of nature. “The garden” is a real feminist plant performance!

The performers of “zh v yu” have different professional backgrounds. Despite these differences, they share a common interest in different body and dance practices, movement research and the phenomenon of corporeality. During their collaboration, the trio has developed their own practical approaches to research and creation. The artists explore how art can close the gap between theory/(dis)consciousness and practice, especially by exploring new philosophical theories, social problems, perceptual processes and experiments.

The performers are in search of the most inconspicuous combinations of everyday practices and objects and create situations that cannot be “constructed” in everyday life. The trio develops projects of various genres: site-specific, interventions as well as performances in museums and on stage.