Diesen Mangel nehmen wir persönlich

Adele Dittrich Frydetzki & Ko. (DE)

Premiere | Audience discussion on 29.10. 22:00 o'clock


In the performance, the artist, who was born in the East shortly after the fall of communism, works on her own lack of GDR experience. She searches for feminist role models in the not yet disappeared but little told legacy of GDR action art and East Punk.

Adele is a young artist, born by chance in East Berlin in 1990. It is said that Adele never experienced the GDR again. They say don’t look back. They say history has already shown it. Adele says: “But something is missing. In the books, the museums and the family archive. Adele asks: “What futures have been lost in these gaps?
In a many-voiced scenic setting, Adele and her collaborators look at the moment of ’89 and the hesitant promises afterwards. They find instigations in the perspectives of their contemporaries as well as in those of their predecessors of the action art of the late GDR.