Jazz meets Zymbal


2023/24 Konzert Musik
Foto: Hartmut Dorschner

As a special project of the German-Czech Jazz Stage within the Boskovice Festival in July 2023, the musicians Hartmut Dorschner, Zdeněk Pechoušek, Andrea Hofmann, Agnes Ponizil, Irena Stránská, Michal Horsák and Viktor Slezák have founded the CULTURE CLASH Ensemble. In the special combination of a jazz trio with traditional South Moravian cymbal music, an attempt is made to bring together two different musical worlds, two cultures, two styles in a unique fusion.

The unprecedented combination of these two distant and yet so connected musical styles is partly composed, partly improvised. The perfect craftsmanship of the studied classical and jazz musicians and the freedom of improvisation thus also combine two elements typical of both jazz and traditional South Moravian cymbal music. The premiere in Boskovice will be followed by a performance at the Federal President’s Citizens’ Festival in Berlin as part of the anniversary celebration of the German-Czech Future Fund. After another performance at Jazz Dock, currently the hottest jazz club in Prague, the ensemble will perform at HELLERAU for the finale of the 25th Czech-German Cultural Days in 2023.

Duration: 1 h 30 min with a break
Languages: German, Czech 


Andrea Hofmann – Violine
Agnes Ponizil – Accordion, Vocals, Piano
Irena Stránská – Viola
Zdeněk Pechoušek – Violine
Michal Horsák – Zymbal
Viktor Slezák – Double bass
Hartmut Dorschner – Saxophone

An event of the CULTURE CLASH Ensemble within the framework of the 25th Czech-German Culture Days 2023