John Moran and Josh Spear

Web series on every 24th of the month

Performance online

With COMPOSER GENAU!, the Dresden-based everyone company presents an online sitcom that explores contemporary composition and performance. As hosts of the monthly show until April, composers and performance artists John Moran (USA) and Josh Spear (UK/NO) give an insight into the obsessive compilation of everyday noises, sounds, voices, gestures and movement sequences and the creation of multi-layered audio-visual compositions.

In a multitude of intimate self-portraits, the artists move between cramped sound studios, empty theatres and deserted streets. Ruthlessly, deep fears and disorientation have an effect in the lockdown, disturbing and favouring creative processes and leading to moments of astonishment in a tragic-comic way. The film portrays not only the private lives of the composers but also the production locations of the cooperation partners HELLERAU, ZENTRALWERK Dresden, SCHAUBÜHNE LINDENFELS Leipzig and the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo.

In each programme, Moran and Spear will introduce other international artists and performers and their current projects through stories and interviews. Between January and April, a new episode of COMPOSER GENAU! will be released on the 24th of every month. In the weeks in between, short excerpts and extras will be available on Youtube.

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