Chotto Xenos

Akram Khan Company

German premiere, for young audiences from 8 years


Inspired by the award-winning full-length Akram Khan solo “XENOS” (2018 HELLERAU guest), “Chotto Xenos” is a new, captivating dance production for children and families, created as a collaboration between the world-renowned dance company and director Sue Buckmaster. “Chotto Xenos” asks big questions of young audiences: How does war begin? And how does it end? The answers also depend on who is telling the story. The play explores the often forgotten and untold stories of the colonial soldiers of the First World War to shed light on our present and future.

“Chotto Xenos” is for everyone from 8 to 99 years.

Please note:

Fog effects and sometimes loud music are used in this piece.

+ Audience discussion afterwards on 19.11. after the 7 p.m. performance