Marco da Silva Ferreira

2023/24 Tanz Kulturpass

In “CARCAÇA”, Portuguese choreographer Marco da Silva Ferreira combines traditional folk dances with contemporary urban dance forms to raise questions about collective identity: How does it emerge? What is its driving force?  

Folk dances that once marked the coming together of people, reflecting their desires and fears, have, according to Marco da Silva Ferreira, become rigid conventions, incapable of absorbing and mapping new groups and communities and other definitions of bodies. In “CARCAÇA” he seeks an encounter between past and present. With nine dancers, he relates the complex footwork of folk dances to current movement material from street dance, clubbing and ballroom – to dances that are often developed and shaped by underrepresented communities. The result is a joyful corps de ballet accompanied live by drums, percussion and electro sounds.

Duration: ca. 1 h 15 min

Language: Portuguese with German and English Subtitles 

Party with DJ Leo Soulflow & DJ Nelsoniq afterwards on 15.09.

Marco da Silva Ferreira is a dancer, choreographer and artistic director of the production company Pensamento Avulso. His involvement with the body began through his own experiences in high performance swimming and his physiotherapy training. Although da Silva Ferreira never used this degree in his professional life, it helped him decide to focus on body practices in the performing arts. His path as a self-taught professional choreographer was shaped by urban dance styles with African American influences.

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Artistic Direction and Choreography: Marco da Silva Ferreira
Artistic Assistance: Catarina Miranda
Performers: André Garcia, Fábio Krayze, Leo Ramos, Marc Oliveras Casas, Marco da Silva Ferreira, Maria Antunes, Max Makowski, Mélanie Ferreira, Nelson Teunis, Nala Revlon Light
Design: Cárin Geada
Technical Direction and Sound: João Monteiro
Music: João Pais Filipe (percussionist) and Luís Pestana (eletronic musician)
Costumes: Aleksandar Protic
Scenography: Emanuel Santos
Antropological Studies: Teresa Fradique
Folklore Dances: Joana Lopes
Production Direction: Mafalda Bastos
Production: Mafalda Bastos, Joana Costa Santos
Production Structure: Pensamento Avulso
Diffusion: ART HAPPENS

CARCAÇA is a Co-production of Teatro Municipal do Porto, Centro Cultural de Belém, Big Pulse Dance Alliance, co-produced by New Baltic Dance (Lithuania), Julidans (The Netherlands), Tanz im August/HAU Hebbel am Ufer (Germany), Dublin Dance Festival (Ireland) and ONE Dance Week (Bulgaria)

Funded as part of the Alliance of International Production Houses by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.