Bunker Cabaret

Hooligan Art Community

Nebenan Performance 2022/23

The Russian war of aggression brought the work of the Kiev group Hooligan Art Community to a halt overnight. While the female members were in residency in Germany, their two male counterparts developed scenic material in a Kiev air raid shelter in an attempt to capture, process, interrogate what they had experienced. In August 2022, all members of the group reunited in London to create the performance “Bunker Cabaret” – an immersive theatrical experience combining live music, satire, dance and film. Ironic, raw, humorous and harrowing, this evening reveals the artists’ individual experiences of war and brings the audience up close.

On 29.06. there will be an audience discussion afterwards.

Duration: approx. 1 h. 15 min.

Language: English


Вистава „Бункер-кабаре“, яка починається в київських бомбосховищах і отримала подальший розвиток у Лондоні, поєднує живу музику, сатиру, танці та кіно. Іронічно, жорстко, гумористично і трагічно цей вечір розкриває індивідуальний досвід артистів у війні та дозволяє глядачам відчути ці події ближче.

29.06. після показу відбудеться глядацьке обговорення.

Тривалість: бл. 1 год. 15 хв.

Мова: англійська

Hooligan Art Community is an independent theater company founded in 2019 in Kiev. It develops performances in non-traditional spaces that explore the dynamic relationship between performer:s and audience. The group works outside the state theater system, creating works that advocate for freedom of expression and equality. The group is currently touring England, Ireland and Germany.

Use of strobe effects and total darkness.

Performance: Sam Kyslyi, Danylo Shramenko, Mirra Zhuchkova, Natalka Perchyshyna, Liubov Sliusareva

Director: Peter Cant

Lighting designer: Natalka Perchyshyna

Video artist: Liubov Sliusareva

Costume designer: Paul Kuraksin

Movement and dramaturgy consultant: Mathis Kleinschnittger

Tour producer: Catherine Lake

Bunker Cabaret is co-produced by Hooligan Art Community and Mahogany Opera in collaboration with imPOSSIBLE Producing.