Eröffnung Ausstellung „Know Your Roots“

Know Your Roots Ausstellung Breaking
Foto: Centre Films

The exhibition on the cultural project “Know Your Roots”, which took place over the year 2022, shows various photo formats of the regional and international urban artists participating in the project in the field of street art and dance, as well as excerpts from the various programme points of the events. The focus is on the different dance characters of invited guest artists and regional artists.

Programme highlights such as battles, workshops and panel discussions, as well as the atmosphere of the events are to be reflected. The values of an interpersonal, family-like togetherness, a cross-generational exchange and the joint work on artistic developments were thematised and now find their place in a post-processing accessible to the public, which photographers from the company centre 􀀨lm from Radebeul have created. In addition, original street art works by the artists’ group “Bandits” are exhibited, which were used for the artistic design of the various event locations last year. The exhibition is oriented towards the representation of the bond between all artists and visitors through the common love of dance, urban culture and the associated values of cosmopolitanism, tolerance, community and exchange that characterised the “Know Your Roots” event series.

Know Your Roots Program

Fri 07.04. 19:00, Great Hall
The Saxonz Show & The Trouble Notes + film premiere “Know Your Roots”
Premiere, film, dance, ca. 40 min., free admission

Fri 07.04. 19:45, Dalcroze Hall, Nancy Spero Hall
Opening of the exhibition “Know Your Roots
Free admission

Fri 07.04. 20:30, Great Hall
84’TIL & The Saxonz feat. ILL-ABILITIES
Urban, dance, battle, show, mixed-abled, approx. 1 h, 17/8€.

KNOW YOUR ROOTS is an exchange project initiated by Saxon dancers & culture enthusiasts with international dancers, musicians & graffiti artists, which will connect various artistic positions of urban culture, urban dance and urban art in 2022 and 2023. In addition to the dance exchange in the context of workshops and battles, there will be a focus on direct international exchange in panel discussions and interviews.

On the Easter weekend, from 6 to 8 April 2023, the event series celebrates its conclusion in HELLERAU. In addition to a dance battle between urban dancers from all over Germany in the afternoon, there will be a photo exhibition presenting the entire series of events. In addition, the video documentary produced as part of the project will celebrate its premiere.

The highlight in the evening will be the stage show “DIS CONNECT” by the internationally renowned Breaking Crew “Ill-Abilities”. The dancers come from different countries, from the Netherlands to South Korea, Basil and Canada, and are regarded worldwide as stars of mixed-abled dance: they all have different physical limitations, which they have transformed into unique abilities within their art – ill abilities. In their breathtaking show, they perform urban dance at the highest level, and at the same time make us think about social norms and conditions.

The entire project is presented by ,,84’TIL-Centre for Urban Culture” and the three-time German Breaking Champions ,,THE SAXONZ”. The Dresden-based association 84’TIL-Zentrum für urbane Kultur (Centre for Urban Culture), in which numerous designers from the Saxon urban scene have joined forces, is committed to increasing the visibility of urban culture, urban dance and urban art in Dresden and Saxony. Many members of 84’TIL are or were also active in the crew The Saxonz.