Advanced–Dance with Pichet Klunchun „No. 60“

Erbstücke Tanz Workshop 2022/23
Foto: Hideto Maezawa

Pichet Klunchun is considered one of the best performers of classical Thai temple dance, a dance form that is still taught in schools with hierarchical structures. In HELLERAU, the dancer and choreographer will connect to his research on “No 60” as part of the workshop.

No. 60” is not a choreographic pose or movement but it is a “principle of the dance practice that consists of the combination of 6 elements. 

Participants will learn about the 6 elements and how to adapt it order to find their own dance identities which will be created according to the dancers’ unique background, experiences, practice and personality. Thus, every “No. 60” has its own character which reflects its creator quality. 

The workshops is adressed to people interested and already experienced in dance / movement practices and will be lead by Pitchet Klunchun and the dancer Kornkarn Rungsawang in English.

 Duration: 11:30 am – 13:00 pm

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