But everything remained the same…

From and with Katja Erfurth, Heiki Ikkola and Sabine Köhler (DE)

Public discussion afterwards on 19th June

Tanz Theater

“… it’s gonna be all right …” – The play by Katja Erfurth, Sabine Köhler and Heiki Ikkola about fragments of a life by Elfriede Lohse-Wächtler (1899 – 1940) was to be performed on 18./19.06. Unfortunately, the necessary hygiene conditions around COVID-19 make this impossible.

In an alternative version, the three artists design spatial, human and imaginary inner and outer worlds in HELLERAU. They place selected works from recent years in new contexts, interweave perspectives and pose questions about where from, where to, what for in the ring.

The freelance dancer and choreographer Katja Erfurth was awarded the Art Prize of the City of Dresden. She sees the award, in addition to honoring her own person, as a tribute to the cultural venue Villa Wigman on Bautzner Strasse. Congratulations!