9. Lange Nacht der Dresdner Theater

Führungen, Workshops, Tanz & mehr

Tanz Performance Workshop Führung 2022/23

The doors will be opened for young and old. In two guided tours, visitors will get a glimpse behind the scenes and meet artists currently working at HELLERAU in playful workshops and short pieces. At the PrimeTime-Family-Bar you can end the evening in a relaxed atmosphere.

The entire program of the 9th Long Night of the Dresden Theaters can be found here: www.lange-nacht-der-dresdner-theater.de




4 pm (meeting point in the foyer)

Guided tour for children 

Discovery tour through the Festspielhaus Hellerau 

We will take you on a journey through the exciting history of the Festspielhaus. In the past 100 years, the house has experienced a lot. Discover with us the ideas that people had in this place and what happens here today. We take a look behind the scenes of stage and history.

for children from 6 years; max. 18 participants:inside

(adults only in company of children)


17:00 + 19:00, Nancy Spero Hall

Viktor Černický: PLI 6+

The Czech dancer and acrobat Viktor Černický shows with excerpts from his stage play “PLI” what incredible things can be done with a dozen theater chairs. 20 minutes of artistry, magic and rhythm for the whole family. Recommended for ages 6 and up.

30 seats


18:00 + 21:00, Great Hall

Family workshop 12+

The body is warmed up, choreographic phrases are danced after, themes are discussed, improvisation and creation take place.

The dance workshop at the Festspielhaus HELLERAU is aimed at the whole family in a playful way and provides insights into the work of dancers and choreographers associated with HELLERAU.

Max. 30 participants, 200 spectators


20:00 (meeting point in the foyer)

Backstage: Technology & Stage in HELLERAU

No theater without stage technology. But how do lighting, sound, stage and performance intertwine behind the scenes? As part of the guided tour for all those interested in technology from the age of 14, we will shed some light on the often hidden part of the performances in HELLERAU.

Max. 20 participants


20:00 – 21:00, Dalcroze Hall 

PrimeTime-Family-Bar – DIY Drinks to remember 

The Long Night of Dresden Theaters is almost over. Time for a drink to let it all sink in a bit. But why only for the adults? The Prime-Time Family-Bar offers some surprises for drinks and memories of a special kind.

Max. 20 participants:inside



Also during the Long Night of the Theaters, the Lago Bar in HELLERAU will feed you and invites you to fortify yourself between the program points and take a breather.