Dörte feat. Weltwärts

It happened at a time when people didn’t want to talk anymore. In any case at least with there masks on. So there met two young musicians and they couldn’t be more different. Musically somewhere between acoustic rock and electro pop, they found what connected them:

Dörte and Weltwärts give us an impression of the world as it should be. With songs from near and far, they tell us stories of propulsive wanderlust and principles to treat yourself. With lyrics that finally level the way for truth and offer a refuge for honest longing and bittersweet melancholy.

Whether in the here and now, yesterday or tomorrow: it is about moments that have changed their lives. Or still be?

Lyrics: German/English

Dörte – why not?

A young musician tells.

Musically she commutes from classical folk to electro-pop.

It is not about perfection, about greatness. It’s much more about telling stories. Cities, people and colours lead to a moment,

a song. If you hear it live on stage, it gives us the opportunity to experience and understand these moments pure and unadulterated. Not too seldom she stands for it only with guitar, instead of with a big band on stage.

On record the singer/songwriter gives her songs even more depth, more freedom of interpretation for the listener. Maybe the perfect soundtrack for your next party or newspaper show?

Dörte lives by the patronage theorem: You always have to treat yourself when you deserve it and when you have what it takes. According to Dörte we all deserve it and also have what it takes if we want it.

Treat yourself!

You have wanderlust? I am Weltwärts!

Acoustic rock artist with songs that have traveled halfway around the world.

With their concept album “Laufen lernen”, released on 17.08.2018, the band around Otto Ullmann alias “WELTWÄRTS” performs a musical tightrope walk between driving wanderlust and bittersweet melancholy.

No matter if club show or on the streets of this world; solo or with a band: WELTWÄRTS inspires with a smoky goose-skin voice, creative sound and authentic joy of playing.