Romuald Krężel #TakeHeart

Romuald Krężel (16.01 – 29.01.)

Romuald Krężel – born in Poland, Berlin-based choreographer and performer. His artistic work  is  nourished  by  expanded  choreographic  practices  that  incorporate visual  and  performative  elements. The resulting  movement-based  performances, site-specific  installations,  participatory  projects,  videos,  and  other  hybrid  formats, explore   themes   such   as   labour,   resistance,  class struggle,  environmental catastrophes and the potential exchange between humans and more-than-humans. The body,  its  labor  and  performance,  understood  not  only  on  a  physical  level  but also in its social context, is usually at the center of his artistic interest. During  his  residency  in  HELLERAU,  he  develops – in  collaboration  with  Agata  Siniarska –  the  next  part  of  his  current  research  project  focusing  on  various  aspects of  classism  in  the  field  of  performing  arts.  This  time  he  will  look  at  the  history  of Latin American dances and the colonial aspects of their appropriation by European culture  in  the  context  of  class  struggle  in  Eastern  Europe.  Where  does  colonial history meet the history of class struggle and how does this manifest in the body? He  will analyze   that   by   applying   theoretical   research   to   his   ongoing movement practice.