fachbetrieb rita grechen

fachbetrieb rita grechen (16.01. – 29.01.)

During the Residency in HELLERAU, fachbetrieb rita grechen develops strategies and questions established practices to keep the body warm. The day begins in routines. The coffee, the cigarette, the push-up: in movement the body gets warm. The body needs to get warm to function. Functioning is important for work. To work means to produce. In order to produce, we must reproduce. Reproduction means restoration of / means to bring forth again / means to re-produce. Time out. On vacation, we lie on the beach and look up at the sky. We enjoy the view intensely, thoroughly and for hours. We breathe in and out, we notice time as it flows. In the free time we get fit again. Fit for work. We restore ourselves. The vacation is the special. On vacation we are unique, we believe.

With: Urs Humpenöder, Laura Immler, Hannes Köpke, Maria Wang Kvalheim, Olivia Rosendorfer, Ferdinand Nowitzky, Paul Voell, Veronika Wagner and Julius Zimmermann