Sasha Portyannikova & Nitsan Margaliot

December 2023 - May 2024

In cooperation with the Archive of the Avant-Garde artists Sasha Portyannikova and Nitsan Margaliot will conduct research based on materials from the archive:

As part of the residency, dancer and choreographer Sasha Portyannikova examines how the perception of the past shapes the present imagination. By juxtaposing images from the archive of the avant-gardes with her private archive material, she navigates between the stereotypical representation of Russian dance heritage in Western archives and her personal encounters with the continued dominance of ballet.

Choreographer, dancer and curator Nitsan Margaliot has developed a practice he calls “alter-enacting”, in which he transforms found materials into choreographic and language-based gestures. Inspired by Fluxus artists, architectural materials, queer art and poetry from the archive, he takes a non-linear path. He questions how the weight, content and structure of the materials create a new meaning and rhythm that offers a subjective reflection on his physicality.