Paula Rosolen/Haptic Hide (DE) New Dance Theatre/ Dance/ Performance 2019/20

GenreNew Dance Theatre/Dance/Performance 

Project: Research phase for the production FLAGS (premiere 01.02.2020 at Mousonturm in Frankfurt) FLAGS is a performance for 5 dancers starting from the idea that “A Flag is a Statement”. The field of research for the project is the interaction of dance, choreography and various flag ceremonies like The International Code of Signals (ICS) and the practice of the waving of the flag. The aim of this piece of work is the attempt to transmit an encrypted message to the audience by combining these disciplines. The dancers communicate with each other as well as with the audience. They understand and misunderstand each other, receive unambiguous signals, but still individual characters make themselves independent. 

What inspires you? Insightful conversations, learning something new and that I’m excited about and late-afternoon walks. 

Your first three thoughts about HELLERAU? Memories: Back in 2008, I was doing my internship with The Forsythe Company. I was with them in Dresden and I still remember clearly when I entered the theatre. I felt immediately connected. The theatre is enchanted with heritage and I wished to once perform there. Working in HELLERAU: during my residency I had my apartment on the same floor as the studio. I remember those days as very inspiring, spending several days working till late at night. The program: A great mixture of national and international artists/companies still supporting and giving space to local artists, developing new initiatives and concepts. 

How would you describe your way of working? Although my works look very different at first glance, they are deeply connected by a specific way of researching and arriving to movement. My research brings subjects that are alien to dance with own particular and defining movements that already exist together with dance. That is why every piece gets somewhat shaped by the study material. Works are not bounded by a certain movement style but to what the stuff gathered from the field research dictates. The pieces Aerobics! – A Ballet in 3 Acts (2015), PUPPETS (2016) and PUNK? (2018) could be seen as a similar way of understanding choreography as in FLAGS (2020). In all the works there is deconstructing and re-constructing of strict codes that already exist, analyzing the essential inherent structure and at the same time by doing that, creating something new. With FLAGS the research methods remain the same, the additional level to the movement vocabulary in this work is the attempt to convey a message through movements. A “message” has been frowned upon in recent decades in contemporary dance and performance. In the aim of developing a dance that is accessible, I create layers in which the piece can be read, open for both- a viewer without previous knowledge and training, and a specialized dance and theater eye. 
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