Magdalena Weniger, KOMA Tanz&Performance – Artist-in-Garden | Performance/ Dance/ Singer 2020/21

Genre: Performance/Dance/Singer 

Residencyprogram: Artist-in-Garden Residence 

Project in HELLERAU: Hauswuchs 

Brief description of the project: A small glass house as a research station in the Hellerau Kulturgarten. Inspired and surrounded by plant life cycles, I want to observe growth, prosperity and decay, interaction and correspondence: between human and environment, between human and human. By observing the flora and working with plants, can I gain insights into human existence? This question is the starting point and should become concrete in the greenhouse, during the process. 

What inspires you? This and that. (laughs) (commented by the artist herself, alone in the studio while writing these lines) Back to Inspiration: Sometimes it’s the view out the window and the journey of your own thoughts. Often, it’s everyday life with my children, with their fresh view of this world and their urge to explore: showing and spitting out food, sucking liquid from the table, repeating game sequences endlessly, unfounded spleens (Not this hat today!). I always find the work of colleagues inspiring, and in the end the circus of every-day world(politics) offers enough input anyway. Over and Out. 

Your first three thoughts about HELLERAU? Big, bigger, biggest 

How would you describe your way of working? My education was very versatile: first singing, then art education, then performance/dance. This is reflected not only in my work, but also in my working method. Most ideas are born in the mind and during the research process the first forms and images are created. At first, I usually work with material or an object, with my hands, and write a lot, words/texts/songs. Before I get stuck there, I have to go to a studio, so that the whole thing arrives and spreads in the rest of the body and the room. Each time an exciting process and always intuitive and associative. Everything that finds expression in the process – images, object, movement, sound – has its justification. Only in the next step it is distilled again. And if that sounds too smooth now, between these steps there are many small and big crises/questions/needs/holes…besides: working and researching alone is not easy for me, I love to work in dialogue and need this resonance from other minds and bodies around me. 
Instagram @koma_magdalenaweniger