Kristina Dreit #TakeHeart

PR Foto Kristina Dreit

Kristina Dreit (07.03. – 19.03.23)

During her residency in Hellerau, Kristina Dreit, together with Riyadhus Shalihin, explores ephemeral and uncurated archives between private and public space. Together they approach the labor biographies of their mothers and search for fictional connections based on the respective geographical and political contexts of the neo-liberal New Order regime in Indonesia and post-socialist labor migration in Germany. 

Kristina Kusmina Dreit works performatively, choreographically, dramaturgically and spatially in different constellations. Using steel as an example, she is currently interested in fabric histories in the context of performative arts and the entanglements of body, class and gender.

Riyadhus Shalihin is an artist and researcher based in Badung, Indonesia. His works are inspired by site-specific archives, objects, and memories. Riyadhus works with drawings, photographs, film and performance as a body of narrative.