Kieron Jina

Photo: James Bantone

Kieron Jina (30.05. - 11.06.2023)

Kieron Jina has already been part of the Community of Practice residency format during CCS. Jina is a nomadic, non-binary, professional troublemaker – a multidisciplinary artist, researcher and activist originally from Johannesburg and now living between Barcelona, Berlin and Johannesburg. Jina works primarily in performance art, visual art, theater and film. Their themes revolve around Afrofuturism, migration, climate, gender affirmation, new technologies, indigenous cultural practices, site-specific performance, and interdisciplinary creative practices.

During their residency at HELLERAU they is working on the project “I Release You – Navigating unknown landscapes / transnational migration” and starts with the question: “What makes a home?” and “How far do you have to travel to find a place that feels like home?”. By combining performance and urban spaces, the project aims to find ways to address “trans(inter)national migration” starting from the concept and strategy of Nomad:innen. The project aims to understand alternative ways of being and belonging in a society and to include those who are structurally denied access to theaters.


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