Katharina Senzenberger

Photo: Nathan Ishar

April 2024

For “Lovedance”, choreographer Katharina Senzenberger examines various aspects of love and its intertwining with different dance cultures from a queer perspective. The starting point for the research is passionate, romantic couple dances such as the waltz, pas de deuxs from the entertainment industry, but also mating dances from the animal world. These dances and their inherent characteristics are questioned, embodied and transformed in a mixture of critical distance and admiration. In collaboration with dancer Benze C. Werner, musician:in iona w. and dramaturge Valerie Wehrens, close connections are to be knotted and intimate moments interwoven with great spectacle. As a counterpart to lovesong, the team sets out to choreograph a lovedance that approaches love in many different ways, reflects on the possibilities of being together and even imagines new forms of togetherness.