Jakob Wirth

Foto: Parasite Art

Jakob Wirth (11.04. – 16.04.2023)

Together with Alexander Sacharow, Jakob Wirth is already coming to HELLERAU for a second time in the 2022/23 season. Together, the two are developing a parasitic intervention in public space, which they will realize in early summer. They will use the residency to plan and structure the project.

In his November residency, Wirth already explored the phenomenon of the parasite in its visual, philosophical, and strategic levels. As editor of the journal “Parasite Art,” he thereby explored the aesthetics of Parasite Art and worked on the further development of a practical work.

Parasite Art interferes, intervenes, but also refuses appropriation by existing only ephemerally. Parasite Art irritates given systems in their orders of reproduction and opens up niches of a counter-hegemonic, non-canonical practice.