Payman Hedayatifar & Sam Eyvaz

Payman Hedayatifar & Sam Eyvaz (24.10. - 13.11.2022)

Running Pine is a collaborative Project founded by vocalist and producer Payman Hedayatifar. With plenty of futuristic soundscapes, emotional vocal melodies and light percussive tension to be delivered, Running Pine has yet to reveal his true touch on contemporary electronic music. With the project Running Pine, Payman Hedayatifar has already experimented in various forms of live performances with different musicians. During the residency at HELLERAU he collaborates for the first time with Sam Eyvaz, who wants to create a more organic sound and cinematic atmosphere with his string instruments and percussion skills. In addition to musical experimentation, the collaboration aims to develop live formats and to continue working together as a duo.  

Mentoring: Albrecht Wassersleben

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