Alisa Hecke/Julian Rauter (DE) Performance 2019/20, Foto: Hecke-Müller-Rauter

Alisa Hecke/Julian Rauter – Performance 2019/20

Partnerprogramm: Westpol A.I.R.Space Leipzig 

Discipline: Performance 

Project name: Portrait of a Ghost

“I imagine that I have no body, that there is no world and no place where I am. Body, form, extension, movement and place would be chimeras”. (René Descartes) Together with sound artist Cornelia Friederike Müller, Hecke/Rauter dedicate themselves to the idea of a world that has bid farewell to physically present bodies. With reference to Descartes’ vision, an audio-visual installation will be developed, an echo chamber of the (self-)image of human life currently undergoing change. 

What inspires you? Books, Pictures, Voices and Sounds 

Your first three thoughts on HELLERAU? Airplanes in the garden, an induction stove without induction pots and the rolling door from the studio 

How would you describe how you work? In collaboration with the sound artist Cornelia Friederike Müller, the scenographer Franz Thöricht and the stage sculptor Conni Golz, we develop an artistic-research aesthetic equivalent of a world of spirit suspended from the body. We are driven by the question of what transformations the fragile construct of body and consciousness is subject to, what fractures and blurs our current perception of reality and virtuality experiences. The work is an assemblage of bodies, voices and objects. 
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