Gustavo Gomes

Gustavo Gomes (06.12 - 18.12.2022)

Choreographer and visual artist Gustavo Gomes dedicates his research residency to the phenomena of perception. His latest project, Body of Pareidolia, explores the experience of seeing and the meaning of gestures, shapes and time. Inspired by pareidolia – a process in the brain that focuses attention on finding meaningful images in random and ambiguous visual patterns – he experiments with the possibilities of the body and questions embodied meanings.

With the research, he prepares the process for his project “The Theatre of Apophenia”, based on the classical ballet Giselle, together with the video artist Haris Ajrulahi and the artists Vasna Aguilar and Anna Harms. The research focuses on the experience of loving someone and being lied to, a body that gives false signs. A body language that gives false information and the experience of wanting to see something that is not there, pareidolia.