Gloria Höckner, Chartreuse Coleman, Kay Taavitsainen

Foto: Gloria Höckner

Gloria Höckner, Chartreuse Coleman, Kay Taavitsainen (14.11. – 20.11.2022)

In “Mixed Feelings” Chartreuse Coleman, Kay Taavitsainen and Gloria Höckner enter a research on pleasure and the sensible as a source for collective care and knowledge. They drift through their own multidisciplinary methods in the field of choreography, dance and performance. They craft practices that are based on healing instead of (self-)destruction, empowerment instead of oppression, solidarity and cooperative bonds instead of individuation and care instead of competition. In their work they mold radical self-care practices as tools to carve space for trans-bodies to exist in environments that throughout history have been excluding.

How can we – within the artistic field – not only engage in a symbolic critique of oppressive and exploitative capitalist systems but change the material conditions of how we work with and relate towards each other? What do we need to cultivate to make it a space where differently abled bodies can engage in, traumatised bodies can feel safe?