Artist-in-Garden Residency: Amelia Uzategui Bonilla & Daniela Zambrano (27.05. – 04.06.23 + September 23)

Amelia Uzategui Bonilla and Daniela Zambrano will research on the notions of cultural and spiritual restitution during their garden residency at Hellerau. They will connect to their indigenous Quechua heritage with practices such as dance, music-making, gardening, cooking, and crafts to seek forms of response to the colonial collections of objects and human remains in German “Weltmuseums.” In Dresden, they will visit the Museum für Völkerkunde, after which they will identify a position to these sacred, stolen objects. At Hellerau, they will write, dance, and explore public acts of performative protest, also related to the current anti-colonial, queer, feminist, anti-fascist and pro-indigenous movements taking place in Peru, their shared home country.