Andrea Miltnerová

Andrea Miltnerová (27.03. – 09.04.23)

Dancer and choreographer Andrea Miltnerová and actor and filmmaker Sofia Leyva-Mayorga are embarking on their first collaborative artistic project in HELLERAU. Provoked by recent world events, they have chosen to tackle the disorientating subject of lying. 

‘Lying’ is fundamental to the human condition, yet ‘trust’ is an essential part of human and animal interaction and of our state of well-being.  

Why is it so hard to accept that you are lying? Why do children lie so much? Is lying a form of creativity? Why is lying generally unacceptable, if it is so common? Do we possess an innate moral code, which cries out against lying? The body does not lie – our body language reveals the truth whether we like it or not. So why do we lie, if we will inevitably ultimately be discovered? Are there degrees of lying? Is lying to protect acceptable, even desirable? Is lying a definition of power, of authoritarianism, of manipulation? When do we lose track of the truth and accept the lie? 

Andrea Miltnerová and Sofia Leyva-Mayorga consider and confront these questions through the creation of situations in which reality is not what it seems by the interplay of movement, words, props, sounds, silence and darkness and the audience’s imagination.