Adele Mike* Dittrich Frydetzki (06.02. - 17.02.23)

Mike* studied applied cultural and theater studies in Hildesheim, Gießen and Warsaw. The content focus of Mike’s* work is the queerfeminist reflection of histories of memory and origin, with a focus on east German contexts – always in complicit collaboration with their friends from die Soziale Fiktion. In addition, Mike* focuses on soft working practices and tests experimental, solidarity-based forms of organization with the Initiative for Solidarity in the Theater. Currently, Mike* is researching “(Non)consensual modes of communication and procedures in rehearsal work on the representation of sex and intimacy in theater and film based on ethnographic observation of the work of intimacy coordination” as part of a PhD at the Universität der Künste (Berlin), associated to the DFG-Kolleg “Aesthetic Practice” at the University of Hildesheim. Mike* will use the residency at HELLERAU to explore questions about forms of communication and scenic transmissions of desire with language and the tongue under the title “Rehearsing Consensus.”