Foto: I Drew Blank

I Drew Blank

I Drew Blank started life in spring 2018, when bassist & singer Oyèmi Hessou (Jaguwar), guitarist & singer Dominik Jureschko (White Hand Gibbon) and drummer Eilis Frawley (Party Fears) started jamming together. This summer, the trio releases its debut EP Interesting Life Choices with Berlin label Späti Palace. Dark thoughts and failed relationships meet escapism and reflection on the fivetrack EP, a dizzying encounter packed with acerbic punk stylings and verby shoegaze. Recorded and mixed by Andreas Sommer (Yacht Communism, Henry Fonda), Interesting Life Choices is a follow-up to the band’s first shimmering singles, Hometown Dolphins and Nothing So Far. Authentically indie with no small amount of grit, I Drew Blank is a welcome tonic to overlypolished, cynical indie rock. With a two-speed approach of raw emotion and heady swirl, Interesting Life Choices makes for perfect summer listening for the heart broken and hopeful.