Floor on Fire

VVK Start Fr 29.11.2019 15:00 Uhr


Breakdance versus ballet, streetstyle versus contemporary, hip-hop is measured by lace dancing. The explosive cooperation with the Dresden Breakdance crew The Saxonz and numerous surprise guests goes into the next round. Floor on Fire lives from the individuality of the dancers, their skills and their unlimited creativity. The classic battle format becomes the dazzling arena of dance – professionals from ballet, urban, contemporary and other fields compete against each other in physical expression. To changing music, completely improvised and spontaneous, the dancers show the various facets of their dance style. An experience for everyone!

Floor on Fire is an interdisciplinary battle format designed by HELLERAU – Europäisches Zentrum der Künste Dresden in collaboration with the Dresden breakdance crew The Saxonz. It lives from the encounter of different dance styles and aesthetics, from the individuality of the dancers and their unlimited creativity. As in a typical urban battle, the dancers try to defeat their opponents with their own performances. But here, artists from different fields face each other, from ballet, breakdance or contemporary. It is an encounter at eye level, they complement and contradict each other at the same time.

Without following a choreography, the dancers show the different facets of their art with a lot of fun and enthusiasm in short encounters. Dance battles originally come from urban breakdance and hip hop culture. In these battles, individual dancers or entire teams compete against each other.

Floor on Fire – Battle of Styles extends this principle to different dance styles and generations of dancers. It is about spontaneity and a creative approach to movement as a universal means of dance expression, about the possibility of encounter, communication and exchange. The different dance styles are judged by a jury on the basis of equal criteria (expression, quality of movement, humour, presence, musicality, etc.), which finally selects a winning team. The meeting of the different dance styles creates a new dynamic, at the same time breaking with clichés.

Floor On Fire has been regularly presented as a format in HELLERAU since 2015 and has become a well-known institution for dance enthusiasts of all ages, as well as for the participating artists who take valuable impulses for their own work from the encounters. The cast is made up of a team of fellow hosts, the breakdance crew The Saxonz, as well as a selection of Dresden’s contemporary dance scene. In the meantime, Floor on Fire has also delighted audiences at guest performances in Lyon, Prague, Paris and St. Pölten.

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