Tanz in den Mai (Dance into May)

go plastic company & colleagues

2023/24 Dance Together Tanz
Photo: Stephan Floss

The festival “Dance Together” starts with the “Tanz in den Mai” dance festival in the streets and squares of Gartenstadt Hellerau and is dedicated to popular dance styles that take place away from the big stages. Five Dresden dance groups perform their 15-minute dance routines at various stations around the city, from K-pop, salsa, urban dance and pole dance to roller skate dance. In the evening, the procession moves to the Festspielhaus Hellerau, where the grand finale is danced together with the audience. The first HELLERAUer Tanz in den Mai ends with a party in the Kulturgarten.  

At the beginning of the event, the audience will be divided into two groups, which will walk the tour in opposite directions. Please wear clothing suitable for the weather. 

Tour start: 15:00 h
Duration: ca. 3 hours, not barrier-free
Meeting point: Festspielhaus Hellerau
Party: 18:30 – 21:00 h

“Tanz in den Mai” is conceived and curated by the go plastic company in cooperation with HELLERAU and various Dresden artists, dance communities, associations and clubs.


Dance Collaborators

The InPresence Dance Company combines stylistic elements of hip hop and contemporary fusion with urban and commercial influences in its artistic practice. The company was founded by Luise Knofe and offers aspiring and advanced amateur dancers training and the opportunity to gain experience in the professional field.

More Infos

The SalsaMIXTA group dances a special form of Cuban salsa: Rueda de Casino. What makes this salsa form so special: all dance couples form a circle and dance figures that are announced by a cantante. At the same time the dance partners alternate. This creates an impressive group dynamic, not only for the dancers but also for the audience. 

The Dresden Hepcats are a group of enthusiastic swing dancers. Regardless of age or level, the Dresden Hepcats regularly bring the local swing scene together. They have been involved in swing since 2006 and offer courses and workshops for various swing dances such as Lindy Hop, Balboa, Charleston, Shag and Solo Jazz.


Charles A. Washington and Christian Novopavlovski will create a unique roller skating performance called “Dolphin Boys on Roller Skates” for “Tanz in den Mai”. In this dazzling musical-performative happening, extravagant costumes and impressive rolling choreographies meet live post-punk, wave and synth sounds.


remix are a four-person K-Pop (Korean Popular Music) dance cover group from Dresden, who have been dancing together as a quartet since 2020. K-pop music not only includes the music, but also the associated hip-hop-influenced dance style. This has made a name for itself worldwide and has now developed a versatility that is also the focus of remix.


Minor is a local pole dance club that shapes Dresden’s dance szene in the field of pole dance and offers courses, events and training opportunities to all interested parties. For “Tanz in den Mai”, Minor has created the “Layers of Pole” format, which gives the audience an insight into the different styles, levels and directions of pole dancing.