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RAC – Refugee Art Center

As the European Centre for the Arts, HELLERAU sees itself as a cultural institution working both internationally and locally to create places where people can meet and thus learn to understand one another.

Apart from the Golgi Park – HELLERAU Intercultural Garden project, the RAC – Refugee Art Center also organises a variety of art projects and cultural schemes in the fields of dance, theatre, the fine arts, music and politics, bringing together people from different backgrounds to exchange ideas, and connecting artists and potential project partners. This creates a platform for anyone who is interested in expressing their experiences through art. The focus is on learning from one another and engaging in transcultural discourse.


Im&ExportMoves (2019) – Das neue interkulturelle Tanztheater Projekt von MultiMoves
Premiere: 30.06.2019

Selected previous projects

Being Hier (2018/2019) – Internationales Theaterprojekt für Frauen

WORTASYL (2016/2017) – Stories from home and a foreign land – Intercultural reading in cooperation with the initiative “Brücken schaffen”

HAMS (2016-2018) – International women’s group run by the Spanish choreographer Avatara Ayuso

MULTIMOVES (2017-2018) – International theatre project run by Olga Feger, Ahmad Abdlli, Matthias Markstein and Marco Tabor

BEING HERE (2017-2018) – International theatre project for women examining homeland, identity and belonging, directed by Ellen Muriel.