Interdisciplinary Parkour by HELLERAU – “Working Title: Europe”

Once a year, HELLERAU presents artistic positions on a selected topic for two days throughout the house. Work sketches, short pieces, tryouts and small-format projects of different genres result in a lively, differentiated picture.

Next date:

Fr/Sa 10./11.05.2019 “Working Title: Europe”

Is (and will) Europe a “work in progress”? What are the values and perspectives of a young “EU generation” today? In times of the much debated “European crisis” we are looking for works that artistically explore the question of what Europe was, what Europe is and what it can be.

For the implementation HELLERAU is looking for:

Work sketches, short pieces, video works, installations for the stages, studio rooms, corridors, staircases, outdoor areas, etc. Applications from the performing arts dance, performance and theatre as well as from the media arts, visual arts and installative arts and from music Participants* from various artistic scenes and genres as well as students and graduates* of art academies who have their focus on Saxony.