Hellerau support

Der Förderverein Hellerau e.V.
Friends association for the restoration of the Hellerau Festival Theatre grounds

Modernism has made its home in Hellerau for more than 100 years. After decades of the Festival Theatre being repurposed, since 2005 Förderverein Hellerau e.V. has been supporting its return to its original function. The friends association organises financial and politico-cultural support to further the rehabilitation of the Festival Theatre grounds, thus actively helping Hellerau on its way to becoming a World Heritage site.

Since its foundation in 2005, the association has supported numerous construction and art projects. On example is the funding of the emergency protective roofing for the ruined eastern wing of the Festival Theatre.

One of the friends association’s main concerns is to redevelop the east wing and set up rehearsal rooms and artists’ apartments there, as that is necessary if HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts is to develop into an artistic campus with an international impact.

Working towards that goal, the association frequently supports individual productions such as dance performances, concerts, theatre or art installations.