In the footsteps of Tessenow in the garden city of Hellerau


Führung 2022/23

In the context of the special exhibition “Heinrich Tessenow. Architecture and Furniture” 27.11.2022 – 29.05.2023 in the Dresden City Museum.

The young Tessenow, himself a temporary resident of the Garden City, was a co-designer of the Gesamtkunstwerk Hellerau. On the tour through the Garden City, discover the arc of his work on traditional small house construction to the Festival House, which became trend-setting for the modern age. 

Fri 20.01.; 17.02.; 17.03. – each 13:00 h (in German)
Fri 21.04. – 13:00 h (in German and English parallel)
Sat 04.02.; 04.03.; 01.04. – each 13:30 h (in German language)
Sat 06.05. – 13:30 h (in English language)
Sat 20.05., 17.06., 19.08. – each 13:30 h (in German language)

Duration: 2 hours

19 € per person, 21 € in English language 
14 € reduced for students, 16 € in English language 

The price includes the guided tour through the Garden City and the Festspielhaus and free admission to the exhibition in the City Museum upon presentation of the participation receipt. 

We kindly ask you to register at least 4 days before the dates at

Minimum number of participants: 10 persons

Separate dates for groups are also available on request. 
Group surcharge: 25 € for English language


Tessenow action
With your admission ticket from the Stadtmuseum you will receive a reduced ticket for an event at HELLERAU – European Center for the Arts. This offer is only valid for events in the period of the exhibition “Heinrich Tessenow. Architecture and Furniture” (27.11.2022 – 29.05.2023). Special events and events of the Dresden Frankfurt Dance Company are excluded.