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Dancing with the Neighbours

Vergangene Termine

  • So 08.05.16 18:00

Adam Schütt & Fadi Leon

Dancing with the Neighbours

Adam Schütt vom Cullberg Balett und Fadi Leon aus Syrien stellen das Projekt Dancing with the Neighbours vor; sie zeigen ihre neueste Performance und einen Film über das Tanzprojekt mit Nachbarn, Geflüchteten und Tänzern.

The initial question for the project was: "Who are the people we dance for and how do we relate to them?" With this in mind the dancers took to the streets in the neighborhood to invite people to dance.

“We wanted to film the meetings between the dancers and the people they met. We wanted to portray when they danced together, and when they presented their work to the others. It is difficult to predict how spontaneous meetings will go, but everything was above expectation. There were so many personal stories that were shared, so many nice and strong encounters that happened”, says Gabriel Smeets, artistic director of Cullbergbaletten who initiated the workshop as his first project with the dancers.

One of the participants in the film is Fadi Leon, lawyer and poet, who had fled war in Syria, and had been two weeks in Sweden when he was invited by Cullbergbaletten’s dancer Adam Schütt.

“When I met Adam in the street and he asked if I had time to join him in the project I didn’t fully understand the purpose of the invitation. I was depressed for the war in Syria, I had fled with my children not to find something for me, but to save my family. I was looking for a good future for them. In many ways this simple invitation changed things in my personal life. I felt I didn’t have anything to loose, so I accepted the invitation and joined. Sometimes in life we need to stay on the bridge between the visible and invisible. In the beginning, when I started dancing with Adam, I didn’t know what was expected from me so I followed my soul. The experience I had gave me a new wonderful vision for living, and a hope for a new life. It gave me a positive thinking for everything I do. Real dancing is not only about your body it is also about the spirit, to let your body follow your soul”, says Fadi Leon.

“We see this project as a first step in working more with our audiences. After every presentation of the movie we want to talk more with audience members about ways how to continue these encounters", continues Gabriel Smeets.

The short documentary was filmed on location at Riksteatern and the surroundings of Hallunda, one day in late May 2014.

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